Bilingválne gymnázium Milana Hodžu

Program                                 Erasmus+

Kľúčová akcia                         Vzdelávacia mobilita jednotlivcov

Akcia                                      Mobilita učiacich sa zamestnancov

Typ akcie                                Mobilita pracovníkov v oblasti školského vzdelávania

Výzva                                      2015 KA1

Názov projektu                      Na ceste k excelentnej škole

Termín projektu                     01/06/2015 – 31/05/2017

“To become strong and successful your organisation has to find the spirit of excellence to be always a bit better than you are today.” The training (6 days) “How to build the organisational excellence in schools” was internationally licensed training developed by leading European Business Excellence trainers and advisors who have experience with implementation of Excellence approach in schools Target group: School directors, vice-directors, teachers and other school management personnel. The training was a combination of the theoretical and practical approach, which helps you to build a culture of excellence and turn your school into a place with outstanding results, satisfied students, employees and sustainable future. This course  brings you an understanding about how the ‘Excellence’ approach helps in a school environment; understanding the nine ‘Excellence Criteria’; implementation of the ‘Excellence’ process including self-assessment and usage of various supporting methods for schools; continual improvement and some fundamental basics about EFQM - the most widely used European Excellence Model. Theoretical part was combined with practical teamwork activities – motivation for excellence in schools, exchange of experience with other schools practising, discussions, practical exercises with case studies and a simulation with the GOA-WorkBench® online self-assessment tool, which was available in several European languages. Participants had chance to visit and meet local school leaders who have been the practicing excellence approach for several years. The training (5 days) "Evaluation and Quality Assurance in education and training" provided the necessary skills and competencies to managing, administrating and teaching staff of schools, so as to ensure the quality and the effective evaluation of education. The course was provide insight at the developments at European level as well as at quality assurance and evaluation methodologies applied in education. Main topics of training : Quality of school education – Sixteen indicators, Quality management – basic principles, introduction to total quality management, EFQM excellence model, benchmarking fi quality assurance , ISO 9001 in depth for education sector, process maps, evaluation of schools and projects, design of evaluation framework, define criteria and indicators, record outputs and lessons, understand programme impact, analyse and use results.

Mobilitná aktivita 1               „The  way  to build an excellent school“

Based on CAF, EFQM and other European Excellence Models

Miesto: Riga, Lotyšsko            Obdobie: 01/06/2015 – 31/05/2016                       


Mobilitná aktivita 2               „Evaluation and Quality Assurance in education and training“

Miesto : Pireus, Grécko          Obdobie: 01/06/2016 – 31/05/2017








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